Cutting costs just won't cut it in M&A.

Cutting costs just won't cut it in M&A.

We interviewed 100 global PE partners to uncover the key attributes of deals that create the most value.

Creating value beyond the deal
Creating value beyond the deal

74% of value-creating deals delivered revenue growth - but, this value lever still received less focus than cost-cutting.

With a proven track record of creating value through cost efficiencies, private equity firms are in a great position to look at how a deal can create even more value by increasing revenues.
Our Creating value beyond the deal: private equity report explores how leading PE dealmakers approach value creation throughout a deal.

The findings of the report reinforce our perspective that an effective value creation approach for PE, needs to focus on:

  • Driving value through revenue enhancement
  • Enhancing strategic clarity early on
  • Keeping a closer eye on talent retention and culture
  • Boosting exit opportunities through rigorous planning

What if you took a different perspective to your M&A?

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